Private Banking

Industry and Evolution Assets under Management

According to the latest EFMA report, the Wealth Management and Private Banking industry is undergoing significant evolutions. The financial crisis has amplified the risk aversion of investors, and the extremely low rates environment makes it even more challenging to meet the return expectations of investors while limiting risk. On the client side, the transition to the next generation is ongoing and younger investors are demanding faster and more efficient tools to manage their assets. In an environment where performances tend to erode because of low rates, client requirements are increasing in terms of service quality, responsiveness, reporting and interface. To be successful, private bankers must continuously invest and optimize their offerings and models to deal with these challenges.

With regards to the legal framework for private investors, 2014 witnessed an acceleration of regulatory measures increasing transparency and fighting against fraud with the additional exchange of information within the UE, the new OECD standards and the implementation of FATCA. In Belgium, the implementation of the Sixth State Reform brought additional competences and greater fiscal …

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Business milestones and initiatives

Also this year, we continued to listen to our clients’ needs in the changing market environment and successfully launched a range of strategic investment solutions to meet their evolving demands.

In light of ageing demographics and improving life expectancy, demand for steady income investment solutions is growing significantly amongst elder investors, pensioners in particular. Seeking to address their concerns about declining yields for conventional savings accounts and government bonds, Petercam formulated a new solution that combines steady and satisfying returns with controlled risk management: an innovative fund of fund solution that distributes a fixed quarterly income of minimum 3% of the net asset value of the fund at the start of each year.

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